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1 Assistant Professor, Health Services Management, Health Management & Economic Research Center, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences. Isfahan, Iran.

2 Lecturer, Education of Medical Records, Health Management & Economic Research Center, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences. Isfahan, Iran.

3 Assistant Professor, Health Information Management, Kashan University of Medical Sciences. Kashan, Iran.

4 MSc, Education of Medical Records, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences. Isfahan, Iran. (Corresponding Author) Email:


Introduction: Designing and performing of minimum data sets (MDS) in hospitals and health centers can be considered as the beginning steps of any disease information management which result in improvement of the quality of care and disease control. Transplantation MDS with a set of definitions considered as one the most important management decision making facilities which ensure accessibility to accurate health data. The main purpose of this work was to study the minimum data sets of health information management of organs transplantation in Canada, Malaysia and Australia, and present solutions for Iran.Methods: This research was an applied comparative study in 2009 which was conducted through three stages. At the first step, transplantation MDS in selected pioneer countries was studied via e-text and resources and compare with Iran situation systematically studied. At data analysis stage, the transplantation MDS at selected countries were compared using comparative tables method and difference and similarities were determined. Finally with respect to accumulated data, new organ transplantation registry forms were established for Iran.Results: A transplantation MDS was proposed as 23 forms in three categories (transplantation recipient registration forms, transplant candidate registration forms, transplant recipient follow-up forms, living donors and deceased donor registration forms) and approved by experts.Conclusion: In order to register all the possible data in future, it is necessary to establish different registry forms to prepare the most accurate set of data for organ procurement network. The prepared transplantation MDS as a set of forms will bring about costs controlling and promoting of organ transplantation management in Iran .Also assessment of the rate of organ donations survival establishment of appropriate polices will be possible through exploitation of extracted data from the prepared forms.Keywords: Data; Information Management; Transplants; Comparative Study.